Using "Enhanced Security" and "Custom Domain" Premium Features, Together

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Can I use the "Enhanced Security" and "Custom Domain Name" premium features together?

No.  These premium features of Groupsites cannot be used together. When you enable "Enhanced Security," https:// applies to all pages of your Groupsite. Your custom domain name will not display, even if you subscribe to the Custom Domain Name feature.

If you subscribe to and use "Enhanced Security" and request to use a Custom Domain Name with your Groupsite, your Groupsite's enhanced security service will be disabled as your Custom Domain Name mapping takes effect. This removes the site-wide application of enhanced security in your Groupsite. It does not remove https:// security from log-in, signup and other sensitive pages, standard in all Groupsites. It also does not remove your subscription to the "Enhanced Security" feature, whether you have subscribed to it as an add-on service or included in a bundle.

I added the "Enhanced Security" feature, and now my Groupsite's Custom Domain Name mapping stopped working. What  happened?

Most likely, you subscribed to or turned on the Enhanced Security feature. To disable Enhance Security, log-in to your Groupsite. Go to MANAGER > General Settings. Scroll down to the "Premium Feature Controls" area.  Change the setting for "Enhanced Groupsite Security" to "disabled" and then click on "Update."

If you subscribed to the Enhanced Security feature as an add-on, unsubscribe from this feature in the MANAGER > Upgrade Groupsite area. Disabling Enhanced Security will not unsubscribe you from the feature.

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