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Every Groupsite has a navigation bar at the top of every page which is your key to finding your way within a Groupsite.  Let's take a look at the 10 elements that can make up this important tool:


1. SUMMARY tab - This always takes you to the front page of your Groupsite. Managers have the option of renaming this tab as "SUMMARY", "HOME" or "MAIN". 

2. COMMUNICATE tab - All groups need to communicate to make things happen so all Groupsites have this tab. Under this tab you will find 3 key features of your Groupsite: Discussions, Group Blog and Email Blasts.

3. SHARE tab - All groups need to share to make things happen so all Groupsites have this tab. Under this tab you will find 3 key features of your Groupsite: Calendar, File Cabinet and Photo Galleries.

4. NETWORK tab - All groups need to network to make things happen so all Groupsites have this tab. Under this tab you will find 3 key features of your Groupsite: Member Profiles, Member Objectives and Key Connections.

5. and 6. - Optional Tabs - This last two tab places are optional tabs that can be activated by the Groupsite Manager. There are 3 types of tabs that can be assigned to these 2 spots (Menu Shortcut, Subgroups and More pages). A Manager can pick any 2 of these. Here are descriptions of what they are:

Menu Shortcut - A manager can add a menu shortcut which will promote any of our core Groupsite features (Discussions, Group Blog, Email Blasts, Calendar, File Cabinet, Photo Galleries, Member Profiles, Member Objectives and Key Connections) as a tab on the navigation bar. You can have two shortcuts. If you enable subgroups or use Additional Pages (Content Customization feature), you must have these as a shortcut.

Subgroups - If, as a manager, you enable this feature, one of your menu shortcuts will be a "subgroups" tab.  This tab is renamed whatever you decide to call your subgroups (teams, chapters, special interest etc.). This tab is only seen by managers until it is enabled.

More - The Additional Pages feature allows you to add more pages to your Groupsite.  These pages will appear under the "more" tab which will be one of your shortcuts. A Groupsite manager can rename the "more" tab to read what ever they choose (Resources, FAQ's, Additional Info etc.). This tab is only seen by managers until Additional Pages are enabled.

7. MANAGER tab - Only managers see this tab.  This is where you control Group Settings, Invite Members, Manage Members and Upgrade Groupsite.

8. MY SETTINGS tab - Every user sees this tab once they are logged in to Groupsites.  This is where you control your profile information, preferences (i.e. - how often, if at all, you receive email from the group), endorsements, objectives and key connections. If you belong to multiple Groupsites, you have complete control to change what parts of your settings you want active and visible on a Groupsite-by-Groupsite basis.

9. HELP tab - Rolling over this tab shows you a links to the following: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions); About this Groupsite (general information about your Groupsite, its visibility settings, membership type and your status); Contact Manager to reach your group's manager(s); Feedback to report email abuse, your feedback and more to your group managers or Groupsite.com; Recent Activity for an up-to-the-minute summary of group actions; and Contact Support for help from the Groupsite.com staff.

10. Notifications - Every user sees this message indicator area. Rolling over the Notifications menu shows a summary of new and previously viewed messages. Members can click on a message to get a complete view of the message. Clicking on the Notifications menu option takes members to the Notifications page. Clicking on message takes members to a full page view of the message.


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  • Leah says:

    Would be nice to be able to add additional More tabs. Also, it seems the More tab name limited to just 12 characters (not even long enough to fit the "Additional Info" name you suggest above for example)?


    September 10, 2012 at 4:20 PM | Permalink


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