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Content Customization is a powerful new feature for Groupsites. It has a few basic features, as well as the Premium Feature that allows you to create your own custom pages and add them under the MORE tab (which you can also rename).

Here's how:

- Select the MANAGER tab, then click on "Content Customization" under the "Group Settings" subtab.

The Basic Content Customization allows you to:

1. Rename the SUMMARY tab as SUMMARY, MAIN or HOME

2. Select one of the nine core pages (Discussions, Group Blog, Email Blasts, Calendar, File Cabinet, Photo Galleries, Member Profiles, Member Objectives, Key Connections) as a "shortcut" to be added as menu tab.

3. Allows you to easily copy the log-in embed code, which lets you embed the log-in box into your existing web site or any HTML page.

To take advantage of the Premium Content Customization feature,  select the MANAGER tab then choose the "Upgrade Groupsite" subtab. Check the "Content Customization: Add More Pages" feature (also included as part of the Premium Feature Package).

All Premium Features can easily be paid for using a major credit card.

Once activated, here's how you make things happen:

- Select the MANAGER tab, then click on "Content Customization" under the "Group Settings" sub-tab.

The first thing you can do is rename the MORE tab. This is an easy way to draw attention to your new pages using a title that makes sense for your specific group.

Now it's time to create additional pages.

There are 3 types:

1. Modules - Lets you create a new page using any combination of our new content modules.

2. Frameset - Creates a page that links to a page external to your Groupsite while maintaining a short navigational header allowing an easy return to your Groupsite.

3. External Page - This type links to an external page in a separate window. Some have chosen this type to link back to their corporate or other existing web site from their Groupsite.

Here is a look at an additional page created using Modules:

Content Customization is a great way to tailor your Groupsite to meet the specific needs of your unique group. Give it a try.  We think you'll like it.

To see examples of what others are doing with feature, visit our Content Customization Showcase.




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