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Posted by Shaun / on 11/13/2009 / 1 Comment

We need your help.

All of the huge "social networks" {MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter} have experienced astronomical growth virally, since they are designed for individuals to connect with other individuals.  As each user spreads the word to their "friends," the entire network grows.

This is just like the growth we see in our large "public" Groupsites.
However, 80% of Groupsites are private. In fact, some of our most active groups have less than 20 members!

That's great because that's what we're designed for - helping groups make things happen, regardless of size.
That's where we need your help. We need groups, of any size, to let other groups know that Groupsites exist and are a great way to communicate, share and network.

Please consider helping us spread the word by copying the text below and emailing it to the leader of any of the groups you know who could benefit from a Groupsite.
Suggestions are small companies who might use us as their intranet, faith-based groups, home owner associations, boards, non-profits and listservs that want more than just email blasts.


Here is our suggested referral email text:

I wanted to let you know about a great tool we're using to help our group make things happen. It's called a Groupsite and it is available for free at

Our Groupsite helps us communicate, share and network online in a way that's so simple to use, even our members who aren't computer-savvy can easily participate.

Do yourself a favor and go to and create a free Groupsite. See for yourself how this tool is simply better than the listservs, discussion forums and other collaboration tools on the market.

You can see a quick video overview at

If you have any questions, I am happy to share more about how Groupsites are helping us.

All the best,

{Need an extra sign of our appreciation? bcc us at on the emails you send and whoever sends the most by the end of the year will win a shiny new iPod Nano.  Pretty cool, huh? Cool Thanks so much for helping us spread the word.}



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  • Gareth says:

    perhaps you guys should look to see where you can add twitter and facebook connect functionality to the site. Perhaps public group updates should be automatically updated to twitter.

    November 17, 2009 at 11:59 PM | Permalink Champions
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