Revised Daily Invitation Limits

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(For Groupsite Managers) Groupsites have always been about quality vs. quantity.  That's one reason we watch over many things -- like member acceptance-to-invitation ratios. And, often those observations tell us that we need to make a change.


That’s why we’ve introduced new daily invitation limits. These limits will help prevent email abuse and frees up system processes, better optimizing collaboration and system performance.  


Per-member, daily invitation limits:


Members:                              10 invitations, across all of the member’s Groupsites

Managers:                              25 – 1,000 invitations, per Groupsite


Plan Type                              Daily Invitation Limit (per Manager)

Basic/Free                              25

Basic +*Add-On Services      100 


*Premium Bundle/

Social Community                  200


*Groupsite Pro - Small/

Small Team                            100


*Groupsite Pro - Midsize/

Large Team                            200


*Groupsite Pro - Large/            

Collaboration Community       400

*Groupsite Pro - Unlimited/     1,000


*(Grandfathered Plans)


These changes:

  • Apply to inviting new members to Groupsites, only.
  • Do not apply when you invite existing members to subgroups. 
  • Do not apply to members if you have not permitted your member to invite others to your Groupsite.
  • Do not apply if you are an Unlimited/Enterprise customer, have contacted your Account Representative and have established additional invitation quantity permissions.


We also invite you to review our How to Invite Right invitation guidelines.


Thank you for choosing Groupsites. Please contact us at with any feedback or concerns.


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