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At, we understand the power of the "wisdom of groups" and the effectiveness of knowledge transfer and collaboration. That being said, sometimes, the most appropriate and effective way to communicate is simply one-to-one. Groupsites allows you to do this though our Private Message feature.

There are a couple of ways to send a Private Message:

From the Member Profiles page (found under the NETWORK tab), you can select any member by clicking on their photo which takes you to their profile page. At the top of their profile page you will see a link to the right of their photo -  "Send private message."

Clicking this link brings up our WYSIWYG editor which allows you to type in your message.

After completing your message, hit "SEND" and your private message will go directly to their email inbox.

Another way to do this is when you are participating in a Groupsite discussion in our Discussion Forums. Every topic post shows the photo of the member who made the post next to it.  If you would like to reach out to that person privately, instead of sharing your thoughts with the group, simply click on the "Actions" button beneath their photo and select "Send Private Message."  This will again bring up our WYSIWYG editor where you can type and send your message privately.

Finally, on your Groupsite SUMMARY page, the Recent Activity module shows what is happening in the group.  Whenever a new member joins, one of the "Action Shortcut Buttons" to the right of this activity says "Welcome him/her". Clicking this link takes you to our WYSIWYG editor where you can send your private message to them.

It's that easy.  Give it a shot.

More About Private Messages

In addition to receiving Private Messages via email, members will also see notification of Private Messages when they log-in to their Groupsite. Members can view Private Messages in all Groupsites and, in many plans, can also reply to Private Messages directly from email. Read more about the ability to reply to Private Messages directly from email.


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