How to Re-Invite Someone Who Accidentally Declined to Join

Posted by Diana / on 02/23/2009 / 2 Comments

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...a Groupsite

To prevent email abuse, a Groupsite does prohibit re-inviting members who have previously declined an invitation to join the Groupsite. However, when a would-be member accidentally declines, here's what you can do:

If your Groupsite's membership settings are already "Anyone Can Join" or "By Approved Request or By Invitation Only," simply ask the invitee to visit your Groupsite and request to join. They can do this by clicking on the top-level JOIN tab. A Groupsite Manager can then approve their request from within the "Pending Members" area.

If your Groupsite's member settings are currently set to "By Invitation Only:"

Temporarily change your Groupsite's membership setting from "By Invitation Only" to "By Approved Request or By Invitation Only." This action will allow a "Join" link to appear on your Groupsite. Leave this setting on just long enough for the declined member to visit your Groupsite and request to join. You can then approve their request and change your membership setting back to "By Invitation Only."

  • You can change your Groupsite's membership settings from MANAGER> Group Settings > General Settings.
  • You can review and approve any pending membership requests from MANAGER > Pending Members and then selecting the "Membership Requests" button.

Note: the ability to access the MANAGER tab is limited to Groupsite Managers. Also, if your Groupsite is set to "Private" visibility, you will need to temporarily change this setting to "Limited," allowing your Summary page (only) to be visible so that the would-be member can access the "Join" link.  The controller for Groupsite visibility is located just above the membership settings area on the MANAGER > Group Settings > General Settings page.


...a Subgroup

When a member of your Groupsite accidentally declines an invitation to a Limited or Private subgroup, here's what you can do:

Change the subgroup visibility to "public" and let the person join themselves. You can then switch the subgroup visibility back to limited or private once they are in.

Click here to see how to change or set your subgroup visibility.

If the member has accidentally declined an invitation to a Public subgroup, they can simply go to the main page of the subgroup where they can click the "Join Now" link:

Note: The controller for Subgroup visibility is located in that subgroup's Admin area, accessible by clicking on the name of that subgroup from the MANAGER > Group Settings > Subgroup Controls page.


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  • Mark says:

    Oh how clunky! I've just experienced this problem at subgroup level. My invitee (a groupsite member) jumped too soon and declined instead of accepting and now I can't re-invite her. I've done the procedure described above and will have to wait til she replies that she has requested subscription before returning the subgroup to private.

    Surely it would be better if you allowed people who have been invited to simply change their mind. Let them see the original invite (which for group members to a subgroup are not sent as emails) and let them accept after having previously declined.


    February 25, 2009 at 5:34 PM | Permalink

  • Shaun says:

    Mark - I agree on the "clunkiness" of the above. Unfortunately we have to weigh this against the "knucklehead factor". I am referring to the knuckleheads who continue to use the internet, email and even invites to Groupsites as a way to barrage people in some crazy effort to beat them into submission until they finally accept (sometimes accidentally) their overtures.

    As we look for ways to make keep it simple for people to join Groupsites, we also have to protect the innocent masses who are rightfully sick and tired of all of the unwanted "knucklehead" spam they get.

    I like the idea of letting them change their mind by using the original email. Problem comes when they have deleted that which is most of the time.

    We will continue to look into ways to make this less clunky.


    March 2, 2009 at 2:30 PM | Permalink Champions
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