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Subgroups can be public, limited or private.

Public (subgroups) = anyone can join and the subgroup is visible in the subgroup directory within the Groupsite;

Limited (subgroups) = are always by invitation only and are also visible within the subgroup directory within the Groupsite (note: non-members of a limited subgroup are able to see the subgroup's homepage and can email the subgroup's admins to request access)

Private (subgroups) = are always by invitation only and are NOT visible within the subgroups directory within the Groupsite (note: members that have been invited into a private subgroup are able to access all subgroups that they belong to (including private ones) via their My Subgroups tab.

Here's how to change a Subgroup's Visibility:

1. Select the SUBGROUPS tab

2. Select "Subgroups Controls"

3. In the "Manage Subgroups" section, click on the name of the subgroup you wish to edit in the "Subgroup" column.

4. From the Subgroup Administration page, select the visibility you want this subgroup to have and hit the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the page.

Subgroup Visibility FAQs

If I set my subgroups to "public," does that mean non-members of the main Groupsite can see them or ONLY members of the main Groupsite?

Subgroup visibility never makes the subgroup more visible than the main Groupsite. It can only make the subgroup less visible. For example, if you create a public subgroup within a private Groupsite, only members of the main Groupsite can see it.

I set my subgroup to be "private." But when I wrote a blog post in my subgroup that I wanted to keep private, it showed up in Recent Activity on my Summary page. Are others then able to see it...or, just me?

If you are a member of a private subgroup, you will see Recent Activity from that subgroup. General Groupsite members, who are not also members of the private subgroup, don't see that information when they log-in.

An action, calendar event, file upload or discussion post that takes place at the subgroup level does filter up to the main group view for members of that subgroup. This allows subgroup members to get an integrated view of their activity, discussions, etc. for the entire Groupsite. Because what each member sees is tied specifically to their subgroup memberships and login, information in private subgroups does stay private (even if you're seeing it on your Summary page).

In the case of a public subgroup, these activities also filter up to the main Groupsite view (such as in a Recent Activity content module) -- visible to all Groupsite members whether or not they are members  of that subgroup. This is a "read only" view. In order to interact with public subgroup content, the user must be a member of that subgroup.



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