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Here's how to add a photo to a Group Blog post:

1. Select the COMMUNICATE tab, choose Group Blog and click "Write a Post." (If you do not see the "Write a Post" link it may be that the Groupsite manager has set the Group Blog permissions to "managers only.")

2. In the body of the text editor, click your mouse where you want to insert the photo. Then select the "Create / Edit Image" icon (which looks like a tree) or the "Insert/edit image" icon (which looks like a picture of a mountain and sun).

3. In the pop-up window, click the small square at the top right or the camera image (which is the "link from file cabinet" link).

4. In the pop-up window, select the Display Size for your image from the drop-down menu at the lower left of the pop-up window.  Select 1) Thumbnail - for small 32 x32 images, 2) Web Optimized (default setting) - this selection causes images to be scaled down to fit within a 350x1050 box.  This setting is preferred as it allows you to upload large, high-quality images and easily embed them at a reasonable size, or 3) Full Size - when you want to use an image at its original size or when you want to stretch an image without pixelation and blurriness when it is displayed.

Next, you can either select a photo that has already been uploaded to the Groupsite File Cabinet or choose a file from your computer which will be automatically uploaded to the File Cabinet before inserting into your blog. This gives your image a web address and allows it to be accessed on the web.  (As a reminder, always store blog images in a publically linkable file folder.)  When you select the "choose file" or "upload a file" button you will see a window that allows you to search your computer's directory to find the correct file. Select the file you want and then hit the upload button.

5. After hitting "Upload", select your file by clicking its name.  It will be at the top of the list.

6. In the final window, you can simply hit "Save" or "Ok" and the graphic will appear in the text editor window where you can type the rest of your blog post. If you wish, you can resize the image by typing in how many pixels wide you want it to be.  You may not know how big you want it until you see it inline with your text so you can always resize the image afterward. To resize an image, click on the image and select the tree or camera icon and then edit the dimensions. A graphic can be up to 600 pixels wide and still fit nicely in your blog post.


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  • Coos Networks says:

    Thanks Susan. I am going to adapt this for adding a photo in general, this is a huge help... I get this questions all the time and I am constantly writing up instructions!

    April 16, 2015 at 2:37 PM | Permalink Champions
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