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What is Groupsite Chat? 

Groupsite Chat is a new application in select Groupsite plans. This is new functionality that enables real-time communication and sharing through integrated chat rooms. Members can log-in to a Groupsite to discuss different topics using instant messaging (also known as "Chat"). Each room is its own separate communication channel, and rooms are available at both the main Groupsite and subgroup levels.

Groupsite Chat also makes Chat archives available to view, search, or export and provides administrative controls for your Chat rooms.


Are these new features available to my group? Chat will be a standard feature in Large Team, Collaboration Community, and Enterprise plans. Groupsite Chat is not available in Groupsites subscribed to Free, Small Team, Social Community, or grandfathered plans.

If your site is subscribed to a plan that includes Groupsite Chat, our system will automatically create Chat rooms in your Groupsite when we roll this feature out. You'll find a Chat room at the main Groupsite level, as well Chat rooms in each and any subgroup you may have.


What are Members allowed to do with Groupsite Chat? 

Groupsite Chat allows members to see who else is in each room. Members can post text, links, and images to the Chat stream, as well as receive Chat notifications. Members can also view a history of messages they may have missed prior to entering the room, and search Chat archives.


What are Managers allowed to do with Groupsite Chat? 

Groupsite and Subgroup Managers have the same abilities as members, plus additional controls. Managers can:

  • Create, edit, and delete Chat rooms.
  • Get an embed code for displaying a Groupsite Chat room in other websites.
  • Feature a Chat room as a content module in the summary and sidebar areas of a Groupsite.
  • Connect a Chat room to a Calendar event, so that the Chat room is only active during the duration of the event. (Members can continue Chatting until everyone leaves or a Manager can end the chat.)


How do members access their Groupsite Chat features?

  • As we roll this feature out, all members will have immediate access to Groupsite Chat rooms under COMMUNICATE > Chat.
  • For Subgroup Managers, this access will include administrative control over subgroup Chat rooms.
  • For Groupsite Managers, this access will include administrative control over all Chat rooms.


Can Groupsite Managers access a Subgroup's Chat features?

If you're a Groupsite Manager but not a member of a subgroup in your main Groupsite, you can still manage that subgroup's Chat room as needed. Do this by going to MANAGER > Subgroup Controls. You may then access the subgroup, and select COMMUNICATE > Chat, which will bring you to the subgroup's Chat page.

As a Groupsite Manager, you'll be able to edit or enter the Chat room. However, as a non-member of the subgroup, you'll be an "observer" and without permission to post in the chat stream.


Will members be notified of Chat room activity?

Once you join a Chat room, you'll receive Chat Notifications including an entry and exit chime that can be disabled, and notification of unread Chat posts. Our Chat stream also notes timestamps for activity. The desktop notification of Chat posts currently works in Chrome or Firefox. Firefox users will need to install a plugin,, to receive the Chat desktop notifications.


How can I disable Chat in my Groupsite? 

If your Groupsite is subscribed to a Collaboration Community or Enterprise plan, a Groupsite Manager can disable the Chat feature by using the App Customization functionality to remove the Chat tab.  If your Groupsite is on a Large Team plan, please contact for assistance with removing the Chat feature from your Groupsite.


Can I use Chat if I have Enhanced Security (SSL) enabled in my site?

Managers for Groupsites who have SSL enabled should be aware: Chat does not yet work over SSL. In groups with SSL enabled, Chat rooms will be served without SSL until we have resolved the challenge. Our system will display a notification to Managers regarding the status of SSL for your Chat rooms in affected Groupsites. The notification will be visible to Groupsite Managers, only, from each Chat room page. View an example here.


Can I use Chat on my mobile site?

Mobile Chat is not scheduled for release at this time. We hope to offer this in the future.


What happens if I can't connect to Chat?

If you have persistent Chat connection problems lasting more than 30 seconds at a time, and you have first ruled out the possibility of a problem with your own internet connection, please contact and identify for us the Web browser and version you are using.


Can I export my Chat Archive?

Yes! Groupsite Managers can export Chat Archives in XML format from the "Export Data" area of your Groupsite, located on your Main Settings page under MANAGER > Group Settings.


Where can I learn more about Groupsite Chat?

Groupsite Chat has a very friendly and easy-to-use interface. We recommend you get in and kick the tires when we roll this feature out! And, as always, feel free to contact our support team.



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    Will the Chat facility allow for:
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