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At Groupsite.com, our sole focus is helping groups communicate, share and network. As we add features, we always ask ourselves two questions:

1. Will 90% of our users benefit from, and actually use it? and

2. How can we design it to be simple and intuitive.

A good example of this is the “Basic” tab on our WYSIWYG editor which contains 90% of the formatting choices you will use 90% of the time.

Editor Modes

As you can see in the image there are four editor modes, but most of the time you will only need to use the Basic Editor mode (The last two are for the geeks). In Basic Editor mode you have all the standard functionality of a WYWIWYG editor like Bold, Italic and Underline, but the Paperclip on the right is where the magic starts to happen.

The File Manager

By clicking on the paperclip a file browser window pops up allowing you to select a file to link from your file cabinet. If the file you want to embed or attach is on your local machine, you can click on browse to find your file and upload it.

Embedding Widgets and Videos

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to embed widgets and videos. From the Advanced toolbar clicking on the filmstrip icon will popup a window with a text area for you to insert embedded objects, video and widget code.

Sources for Embed Content

In the Widget window we have provided you with links to popular content sources like YouTube and WidgetBox that will open in new windows so you can quickly browse around without closing the editor.

Wrapping Things Up

We’ve outlined only a small amount of the functionality in our WYSIWYG Editor. The important thing is to be an active participant in your group and we hope this feature helps you do that with expression. Try it, you’ll like it.


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