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A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Facebook's amazing growth started with one simple premise: Why wait until the end of the school year to get a yearbook and see who that red-haired girl was who sat in the back of your Psychology 101 lecture hall? Wouldn't it be nice to know on day one who was in your class?

Nothing is more meaningful than true face-to-face communication.  However, when online, having a face (as opposed to just a email address or avatar) humanizes the experience to a certain extent.

Here's how to do this in a Groupsite:

After logging into your Groupsite, select the MY SETTINGS tab.

This will take you to the "My Profile Settings" page.

You will notice that you actually have the ability to have two different photos in each Groupsite, "My Professional Profile" and "My Social Profile". You can elect to show either, both or none -- or, even show the same photo for both. If you belong to multiple Groupsites, you can also have different pictures in each of your Groupsites. Once a photo is uploaded, it stays in your master profile file, however, on a Groupsite by Groupsite basis, you decide what information (in this case photos) is shared with each specific Groupsite.

To upload your photo, after clicking on the MY SETTINGS tab, click on the "Professional Photo" or "Social Photo" links, or on the thumbnail photos (also hyperlinked). (The thumbnail photo will just be a  silhouette, and not an actual picture, if this is your first time uploading).

Any of these links will open a pop-up window like this:

To add your first photo (or upload additional photos) click on the "ADD A NEW PHOTO" box and you will see this pop-up window:

The "Choose File" button allows you to search your computers local or connected drives for the picture you want to upload. You can name this photo for easy reference and decide if you want to use this photo as your Professional Photo, Social Photo or both.

You can also use our photo upload editor to crop your original image to the exact size it appears in a Groupsite profile page.  Our crop window looks like this:

You can simply drag the crop box to the correct position, as well as resize it, by dragging the handles at any of the 4 corners or the middle of each side.

Your photos do not have to be professional head shots. This is an easy way to let your group know who you are and it's a visual reminder that Groupsites are not about computers - they are about people.  People who want to communicate, share and network to make things happen.

Take 2 minutes to upload your photo today.  It will make a difference in the quality of your Groupsite experience.

Note 1: Your photo does need to be in a graphical file format (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png).

Note 2: If you don't see the "Professional Photo" and "Social Photo" links, you are most likely not logged-in to your specific Groupsite and instead logged-in to the platform in "View All Mode." This mode is an overlay view of all of your Groupsites' activity. You can switch out of this view and into an individual Groupsite, where all the available features and links will display (including your "Professional Photo" and "Social Photo"  links), using the "Switch Groupsites" button located in the top right corner of any page.

Note 3: The profile photo has to be square so you have to pick a square cropping box.



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