"Profile Completeness Meter" Feature Enhancement

Posted by Diana / on 02/16/2012 / 2 Comments

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The Profile Completeness Meter can now be disabled by Groupsite Managers. This functionality will be available to all Groupsite Managers on our platform.  This functionality can be accessed from the MANAGER > Group Settings > Profile Settings area of all Groupsites.  Be sure to click "Save" if you disable/re-enable this setting.

As a Groupsite manager, if you remove the Profile Completeness Meter, you will be removing the meter for your entire Groupsite. The Profile Completeness Meter is either "on" or "off" for all members in a Groupsite. The Profile Completeness Meter can be re-enabled at any time.


Related FAQs

What is the Profile Completeness Meter? The Profile Completeness Meter is a tool for "progressive engagement" because not every new user will jump in and be a group's top contributor. This member engagement tool provides a significant reminder that there is an easy next step to getting more involved with the group. Here's an example of one displayed:



How can I remove the Profile Completeness Meter? This functionality can be disabled/enabled by Groupsite managers and is located under MANAGER > Group Settings > Profile Settings. Check the box next to the "Remove Profile Completeness" Meter to remove this feature within your Groupsite. Then click "Save" to keep your changes.

Once the Profile Completeness Meter is removed, what displays in its place? When you disable the Profile Completeness Meter within your Groupsite, existing sidebar content on the page will display. Your existing sidebar modules, advertisements, etc. will "slide up" and fill the space where the Profile Meter previously appeared.


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  • kate says:

    thank you for adding this option!!!!

    February 16, 2012 at 5:54 PM | Permalink

  • Bill says:

    Another good one! Customers will love that this critical promotional real estate spot is available.

    February 17, 2012 at 2:07 PM | Permalink


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