How to - Suspend a Member

Posted by Shaun / on 07/06/2009 / 1 Comment

As Groupsite Manager, you may have need to suspend a member from your Groupsite, rather than deleting the member. A simple example is a dues paying organization where someone has not payed their dues but intends to shortly.

Here's how:

1. Select the MANAGER tab,

2. select the "Manage Members" subtab

3. Locate the member from your list of members. Then, click on either "Member" in the Status column or choose "Edit" in the far right column. 

4. A membership page for the member will load. Change the member's status to "Suspended" and choose "Update."

You can change them back to "Member" at any time and their account will be as good as new.


What happens when you suspend a member from a Groupsite?

A suspended member can only get to the Summary page of a Groupsite and it is a "read only" view. Other than accessing HELP (such as using the "Contact Managers" or "Feedback" links), the suspended member cannot access other areas or participate in the Groupsite.

A suspended member will not receive announcements (Email Blast, Discussion blast, etc.) from the Groupsite. They will receive Recent Activity Update digests.

A suspended member will see "Suspended" next to their Groupsite name in the Switch Groupsites drop-down menu. Their suspension status remains until such time a Manager changes their status back to "member."  Groupsites do not send a suspension notice to that member. Suspended members may still contact their Groupsite Managers using the "Contact Managers" link under the HELP tab, even while in a suspended status.






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  • Enzo says:

    Our groupsite members are receiving spam from other members who we allowed in. How do detect this member if he/she hasn't provided all they are using anonymous information to our groupsite.


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