How to Edit a File in the File Cabinet

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Once a file is uploaded into the File Cabinet, a Groupsite manager and/or the member who uploaded the file can:

  • replace the file with a new one
  • change the file's name
  • change the upload date of the file
  • enter or modify a description of the file 

This is done by editing the file. Here's how:

1. Log-in to your Groupsite and go to the SHARE tab.

2. Select the File Cabinet subtab.

3. Locate the file you want to change.

4. Click on the cogwheel button:

5. An "Edit File" window will pop up:

Enter the changes you want in the appropriate fields, or browse out and select a new file if you're replacing an existing file with an updated one.

If you are entering a custom file name, do not include symbols ($, :, +, etc.)

If you are entering a custom file date, enter it as month/day/year, like this: 01/10/09

6. Click the EDIT button.

Your changes will be saved.

Note: if you aren't a manager in your Groupsite, you may not have the ability to upload a file to the File Cabinet. The ability to do so is determined at the group level, on a Groupsite-by-Groupsite basis, as determined by each Groupsite's manager(s).


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