How do we compare?

Posted by Shaun / on 10/01/2015 / 0 Comments

How do we compare to other technology companies?

Most of the time when I am asked this question it is tied to a spreadsheet of features (RSS, Widgets, Open-source, blah, blah blah) they want me to check-off saying if we have each bell and whistle or not.

How are we different?

We care.  We are 8 real people working really hard to help groups make things happen.

Do we have every feature available on the internet?


Are we going to add that killer app you read about in Wired magazine last month.  

Don't know.

Company X has it why don't you?  We are not Company X.

How come my 3rd party software does not work with your software in a seamless manner as if they were build by the same company?

Because they were not built by the same company.

What about support? Customer service has gotten so bad in the technology world that one way to have outstanding service is to not suck. By comparison you will look great compared to the others who do.

When will my problem be fixed? We don't know. It's the truth. We do care but we don't always know how long it will take to fix a problem.

We strive everyday to continue to be the easiest to use, most effective social collaboration tool in the market.

How are we doing? Compared to the alternatives, I would say we get an "A". Compared to where we can be? I would give us a "B".

We may be in the "technology" business but I prefer to see us as being in the "people" business. We are not about computers talking to computers.  We are about real people, communicating, sharing and networking with other real people.


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