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Once you've accessed the Enterprise Dashboard, you'll find these components available:

Account Settings

The Account Settings area allows a Platform Owner to manage their organization's Groupsite Divisions, Roles and Division Settings within the account. The Platform Owner can create and associate Groupsites with divisions for the enterprise (areas of business, function or purpose within the organization). The Platform Owner can also create and assign administrative roles (Manager, Observer) at the Platform or Division level.

Additionally, from this area the organization can:

- Create divisions of the organization, and assign Groupites to these divisions
- Customize types and categories of Groupsites, for filtering and viewing data at these levels
- Create and assign administrative roles
- Enable/disable requests for new enterprise Groupsites
- Create theme templates for branded Groupsite creation
- Configure SSO
- Configure Custom Domain settings

Messages & Actions

From the Messages & Actions section of the Dashboard, organizations can configure their notification preferences for receiving Groupsite Enterprise Platform system notifications via email to a specified address, or by displayed notification.


The Summary section of the Dashboard contains an at-a-glance overview of daily, weekly and monthly activity of Groupsites associated with the organization, or for a select division within the organization. Additionally, the Summary section includes trending and popular topics, as well as provides an activity snapshots for select keywords and tagged users.


The Statistics section of the dashboard contains a rollup of enterprise or division-wide Groupsites data, including: usage and page views, demographics and member statistics, email and invitation statistics.

Syndicate Content

The Syndicate Content section of the dashboard empowers Platform Managers at the enterprise or division level to add content directly to one or many Groupsites at a single time, across the enterprise. In our initial release, this includes system messages. Coming soon: the ability to insert additional content, such as videos, blog posts, calendar events, and more.


The Groupsites section provides detailed information on any Groupsite within the enterprise or a division within the enterprise. Details include member counts, branding, creation date, feature usage, etc.


The Members section of the dashboard provides full profile data for any individual that participates in a Groupsite associated with the enterprise. From the dashboard, a Platform Owner or Platform Manager can suspend or remove any individual from one or multiple Groupsites across the enterprise. Platform Owners/Managers can also tag members to easily monitor the activity of select individuals.


The Help section details information and Implementation Guide(s) regarding Single Sign On (SSO), Custom SSL, and customizing your Groupsite's Header/Footer. This documentation provides information for advanced customizations of your Groupsites.

This section is located in the top right corner of the Enterprise Dashboard:



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