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This feature spotlight is not for technology light-weights. It's a capability called Webmaster and Search Engine Tools which allow you to do the following:

  • Add tracking codes to allow integration with Google Analytics, and

  • Control how your Groupsite is indexed by search engines. Add verification codes for popular search engines [Google, Yahoo, Live Search (MSN)] to allow integration with their Webmaster Tool suites, and more.

Sound like something you can handle? Read on and we'll show you how.

First, click on the MANAGER tab of your Groupsite. Then, select the "Webmaster Tools" link from the top right of the Group Settings page:

This will take you to the Webmaster Tools page where all the magic happens.

The top section of the page provides a login embed code, so you can place a login box to your Groupsite on an existing web site or any HTML page:

The next section allows you to address your search engine optimization (SEO) by selecting your visibility (allowing search engines to find you at all)  and customizing your meta keywords (helping search engines better find you).

Once you make you decisions, simply select the "UPDATE" button to save your changes.


In the middle section of the page we offer you the ability to leverage three powerful sets of tools: Google Webmaster Tools , Yahoo! Site Explorer and Live Search (MSN) Webmaster Center .

I know, this is really geek stuff. (We warned you up front that this is not for light-weights). But, if you want to know how any of these tools work, please click on their name above and the link will take you to their respective instruction sites.  We just make it easy to use these tools with your Groupsite.

In the bottom section of the page we offer two final tools: Custom META Tags, which further help you integrate with additional search engines and ad-serving engines; and, the ability to add a Google Analytics tracking code to your Groupsite.   Click here for more on Google Analytics .

While keeping Groupsites straight-forward and simple to use for everyone, we also welcome the opportunity to offer these additional functions to our power users who want to get under the hood and understand what they are doing once they get there.

As always, we welcome your questions and feedback.


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