Update on Our Move to Engine Yard - March 22nd 7am EDT

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We finished our server migration (at 3:45 PM EDT on March 19th) and have appreciated your patience! We are also continuing to test Groupsite functionality.

Several issues we discovered and are working on:

1. "Garbled" Files

Update as of 7am EDT, March 22nd: The "Garbled" file issue has been resolved, however, files that were uploaded yesterday evening will be temporarily unavailable. You will be able to access the files uploaded yesterday evening sometime today.


Original problem after the move to Engine Yard:

Some files may appear as garbled text when viewed. This occurs in files that have spaces in the file name. Our staff are working to resolve the issue. We expect this is to be resolved today (Monday, March 21st)! Here is a temporary workaround if it is an emergency and you need the file right now.  Please do not try to rename or delete all of your files, just rename the one(s) that you need before our fix is made at the end of the day.  The fix will automatically resolve the issue with renaming all of your files without a space.

To rename the file, follow these steps: 

Go to your file cabinet; click on the cog edit symbol at the end of the file name; scroll down to the Optional: "Enter a custom file name" field and remove any spaces or special characters.

Be sure to click edit to save your changes.


2. Images Appear as Missing / Red "X"

Update as of 7am EDT, March 22nd: We are currently moving the photo uploads. You may experience slowness while we continue to move these uploads.


Original problem after the move to Engine Yard:

Some linked images may appear as missing when viewed, as though the link is broken. Photos are also not displaying in the photo galleries and in content modules. We are investigating and working to resolve the issue.


3. Intermittent Log-in Problems (Fixed March 19th/in live production)

Yesterday, we experienced intermittent log-in issues for several hours. We believe we resolved the problem last night and in testing, we can no longer duplicate the issue. However, if you experience log-in problems, please notify us at support@groupsite.com.

Also..so that you may access your Groupsite immediately, please follow these steps:

1) Close your web browser.

2) Relaunch your web browser.

3) Clear your web browser cookies. Here is information about how to clear your cookies: http://www.aboutcookies.org/Default.aspx?page=2

4) Visit https://www.groupsite.com/login.

5) Enter your log-in credentials. Once logged in, use the Switch Groupsites button in the top right hand corner to switch into your Groupsite.

4.  413 Request Entity Too Large or File Too Large

Our developers have been made aware of the issue when uploading files that gives you an error message that the file is too large.  We are currently working on it. Unfortunately, at this time we have no workaround for the issue. Please continue to check out status.groupsite.com to see updates on our progress.

5.  Recent Activity  Emails Not Going Out or Going Out Very Slowly  (This issue was resolved as of 11:35 PM EDT, March 21st)


We are aware of this issue, and are currently working on this. Please continue to check out status.groupsite.com to see updates on our progress. 


The move to Engine Yard remains positive for improved security, speed and reliability, while road bumps along the way are never fun. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to test and resolve the above issues!  We'll post to our service status page, status.groupsite.com, when we've completed the fix for these.


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