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Let's take a look at how to navigate subgroups within a Groupsite. It's really just as easy as navigating within the main Groupsite!

If your Groupsite Managers have activated the subgroups feature in your Groupsite, you will see a Subroups tab on the main navigation bar. Note: References to "subgroups," including this tab, may have been renamed by your Groupsite Managers to appear as "teams", "chapters", "families", "associations" or other name.

From the main navigation bar, click the Subgroup tab. A drop-down menu appears:

You will have these choices: My Subroups and Subgroups Directory

Choosing either the My Subgroups or Subroups Directory options will each, respectively, load a new page where you can view available subgroup. My Subgroups will display all of the subgroups in which you are a member:

Subgroups Directory will display all of the subgroups that are available to you within your Groupsite:

From either page, select the subgroup you want to enter. This action will bring you to the home page of your Groupsite.

Once you are in your subgroup, the main navigation bar reflect the available features within your subgroup. You can choose the Summary (may also be called Home) page of your subgroup, CommunicateShare or Network main tabs.

Once in your subgroup, the area above the navigation bar will display the name of your subgroup. And, at any time, return to the main Groupsite level by selecting the <<Main Groupsite link:

And, the Subgroups tab on the main navigation bar will display and allow you to move between your available subgroups or Directory:


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