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Most social networks are "individual-centric" and begin with you creating your "profile" which is all about you. While Groupsites are "group-centric" and begin by creating a Groupsite (which is all about the group), you are an important part of any group where you're an active participant. And, it's important to let other group members know who you are by keeping your profile page up to date.

Here's how:

A unique feature of a Groupsite is its dual profile. Each member has both a Professional and a Social profile.  You can elect to show either or both. In fact, how much you share about yourself can be decided on a Groupsite-by-Groupsite basis. All you need is a user account and if you belong to more than one Groupsite, you can share different information in each Groupsite where you are a member -- and, even have different photos within each group --  all with a single user account.

The key to managing your profile page is under the MY SETTINGS tab.

Click it, and this takes you to the "My Profile Settings" page:

This page has 4 sections: General Information, My Professional Profile, My Social Profile and Additional Profile Data. Additionally, at the bottom of the page are 2 links which allow you to change your password and remove yourself from the group.

Let's take a look at each section.

General Information

This section shows your personal data as well as a general overview of the Groupsite settings ("Membership," "Visibility" and "Default Profile.") 

Clicking the "View My Profile as others see it" link will let you see your actual profile page the way other Groupsite members would in this particular Groupsite. 

[Note: if you don't see the "View My Profile as others see it" link, most likely you are in "View All Mode." This is an overlay view of all of your Groupsites' activity. You can switch out of this view and into an individual Groupsite, where all the available features and links are accessible, by using the "Switch Groupsites" button located in the top right corner of any page.]

Clicking the "Personal Data" link allows you to edit this information. Simply hit "SUBMIT" after making any changes.

My Professional Profile

This section allows you to edit your professional information including photo, details, contact, bio and custom sections. Next to each are visibility options that allow you to control which fields you share within this particular Groupsite.  You may want your birthday to be visible in a Family Reunion Groupsite, but not to your Professional Trade Association, for example. (That's one of the neatest things about Groupsites -- you have this control, all with a single log-in!)

Clicking on any of the underlined titles allows you to make edits to each section - from "visible" to "hidden," for example.

My Social Profile

This section works just like the "My Professional Profile" section and allows you to edit your social information including photo, details, contact, interests and custom sections. Next to each are visibility options that allow you to control which fields you share within this particular Groupsite.  

Clicking on any of the underlined titles allows you to make edits to each section.

The Groupsite manager selects which profile (professional or social) appears as the top on your Profile Page as viewed by other members. You can elect to show the other tab or keep it hidden by selecting from the "visibility" choice box at the top right of both the My Professional Profile and My Social Profile sections, as shown above.


Additional Profile Data

Here's where you can really make your Profile Page your own.

The "Customize My Profile" link allows you to add additional elements (text, video, links etc) to your profile, using our WYSIWYG Editor. It looks like this:

Simply give this new element a title and use the WYSIWYG editor window to add your content.

Any elements you add will show at the bottom of your Profile Page but you can simply click on the elements title bar and drag it further up the page to be in any order you wish.

The "Group Specific Questions" link takes you to a section (if used by the Groupsite Manager) were you can answer group specific questions that will also show up on your Profile Page.

Remember, engaged groups are made up of engaged people.  Take time to share something about yourself. You may have the answer that another group member is looking for right in your bio.


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