How do I add AdSense code to my Groupsite?

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AdSense is a Google application that allows website owners (or, in our case, Groupsite managers) to enroll and enable text, image or link ads on their websites in order to generate revenue.

To add Google AdSense code to the sidebar(s) of your Groupsite, you must first generate the relevant ad code in AdSense. (Our sidebar modules are 300 x 250 pixels and standard in all Groupsites. A footer ad, available to place in Groupsite Enterprise accounts only, is 728 x 90 pixels).

Then, to embed the code into your Groupsite, you'll use a content module:

1) Click the "Add Module" button. Select "this sidebar only" or "all wide sidebars."
2) Select the FREEFORM TEXT type of content module. 
2) Choose the "Edit Content" link when it appears. 
3) A WYSIWYG Editor will appear. Click on its "HTML" tab.
4) Paste in your AdSense code.
5) Click the "SAVE" button.

That's it!

If you are in a Groupsite Enterprise plan that includes white label branding, you also have the ability to control Groupsite advertising and place AdSense code in your footer ad area. Footer ads are horizontal ads that appear at the bottom of your Groupsite pages.

For more information on Footer ads in a Groupsite with an Enterprise plan, review the "Custom Header/Footer" document on the Help tab of your Enterprise Dashboard.

Note: Google AdSense ads are served by Google, a third-party to your Groupsite. These ads will likely not appear if you have the "Enhanced Security (SSL)" feature of your Groupsite enabled, as they may be deemed insecure content on an https:// page by some of the more popular web browsers.

If you have added Google AdSense code and don't see your ads appearing, you may want to be sure the "Enhanced Security (SSL)" feature is not enabled. You can view this information from the MANAGER tab > Group Settings.  Check that "SSL" is disabled in the General Settings area.  Be sure to click "SAVE" if you make any changes on the page. 



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