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Here's a brief timeline:

January 2007 - Apple announces the iPhone

June 2007 - Apple launches iPhone in the United States

October 2007 - Steve Jobs announces iPhone Software Development Kit [SDK] is coming

March 2008 - Apple releases beta version of iPhone SDK

July 2008 - iPhone OS 2.0 released

Why share this? To illustrate a point.

When Apple introduced the iPhone, they revolutionized the entire smart phone industry. However, there were two "must have" features missing from the original iPhone that every Blackberry user had been using to make things happen for more than a decade:

- Search [contacts and email]

- the ability to cut, copy and paste

How could Apple have missed these? Why did it take more than a year to introduce search and the ability to cut, copy and paste - which wasn't available until the release of OS 2.0 a year later?

Not enough developers? Not enough money? Not enough hours in the day?

Or were they too busy changing the world?

While our small team here at does not rival the size and talent of the Apple team, we do aspire to be as good as they are in changing the world, thinking differently and keeping things simple. (A phone with just one big button?)

We value the feedback we get from our users regarding feature enhancements and take every idea very seriously. We also value making sure everything about a Groupsite works "as advertised."  If it's in a Groupsite, it should be simple to use, easy to understand and work. That is what makes us simply better than the other social collaboration tools coming on the market.

We do not announce feature release dates publicly and we will serve no feature before it is ready for prime time. 

We understand that some buyers may have a "must have" list and decide to use another tool, just as many Blackberry users did not immediately switch to iPhones.  Groupsites don't do everything, or even everything we'd like to have them doing, yet, so we aren't for everyone. We're OK with that.

The future of Groupsites will include many changes, including new features. But one thing will remain constant - we are focused on helping groups make things happen.

We thank all of our groups who are currently using Groupsites to do just that.

All the best,


Chief Involvement Officer,




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