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As always, we are working to improve Groupsite.com. Improving our service for Member Communities like yours is important for our current and future success. We are working to open up our platform so that 3rd party developers/customers can add additional applications to Groupsites.

If you could add additional applications to your Groupsite to benefit your members, what apps would you like to see? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Clarence - That's a great news. But, I am just wondering how is is different from adding new pages and applications. Right now, I have 3 applications added to my Groupsite. Out of those, I would like to have an Instant messaging and a Job board added(either as a 3rd party app or inbuilt). Here is how I implemented in my Groupsite(http://www.OracleERP.org)

  1. Chat Application - This is a widget that I purchased separately and added it onto a new page with Freeform text module. Got that from Shoutmix. Still this doesn't provide a one-to-one instance messaging as it requires member database access. I really love to have a Chat feature something like we have in Facebook or Orkut. You can see this as http://www.OracleERP.org/page/chat
  2. Job board:  I added a Job board provided by Simply Hired. I implemented this as above. Embedded that into my Groupsite as separate page. This Job board has a limitation as it has a charge of minimum $5 for posting a Job. It would be really nice if we have an inbuilt Job board implemented. You can see this at http://www.OracleERP.org/page/jobs.


Adding 3rd party applications would be a really nice step forward.

Google reader - i want to be able to use the "send to" function from google reader to post items to either a page on my group or the blog.

Blogging tools - so I can blog to my collectivex site from a bookmarklet

I'd love to be able to incorporate external calendars, have non-members of my group be able to submit events for review before going on the group calendar

I'd also love to have my reference manager (mendeley.com) incorporated as well so I can share references with my group (who consume research)

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something like the lifestream plugin for wordpress - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/lifestream/

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  • Sun, Aug 23, 2009 9:51 PM

I think some sort of survey/poll application would be great to be able to get instant feedback from members of certain questions or issues.  I also agree with the earlier suggested idea of some format for posting jobs.  The more features whatever they may be the better!

Support for Survey/poll addition...MUCH rather consolidate functionality vice adding "surveymonkey" to my members tool kit...rather "stay on the ranch"

BIG DEAL..."communication leads to community"

I recently came across this Open source Job board application. This could pretty much serve the purpose as a Job board application for a Groupsite. The interface is fairly simple and can be easily navigable. It's worth taking a look at it:



Good suggestions Sanjay - just the other week I installed that application at www.phf.net.au where I hope to build a jobs board for therapists in South Australia.

Installation can be a bit fiddly for people like me with minimal knowledge of servers, databases etc, but managed to get through it. Version 1.8 which was released only recently is a significant step upwards in terms of customizability.

Gareth - Your Job board looks awesome. You did a great Job.

My thought to have this integrated in the Groupsite is

  1. Jobs posted can be added to the Recent activity alert
  2. Members can subscribe to the Job board similar to subscribing to a Discussion Forum.
  3. Avoid hosting costs and extra maintenance
  4. Above all it's an Open source and FREE to use.



Edited Thu, Oct 8, 2009 1:03 AM

Excellent idea - hope the groupsite crew are tuning in to this discussion forum Wink

The way you describe would be a very seamless integration

I am managing a LinkedIN group with over 17,000 members and slowly moving the Technical folks to use the Groupsite. The Jobs section in my LinkedIn group is a great hit and the number of members accessing the Group exponentially went up after introducing Job Posts.

I had a Jobs page from Simply hired right now, but it's a paid one and doesn't have a simple application process. I am desperately in need of a Jobs section that is integrated with the strong Profile management system of Groupsite.

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