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Greetings All - 

I am really curious to hear a comprehensive update from the platform designers about what is in the works for this platform.

Since 2011 I've managed a site for a client and championed our continued use. Over time I have suggested many improvements and listened to promises about forthcoming upgrades which have still not materialized. 

I deeply appreciate that this platform is run by a small staff but find myself growing frustrated by the lack of evaluation on the platform's functionality. More importantly I am managing the frustrations of 200+ members who are watching other social media platform advance rapidly to increase ease of user experience and provide more tools within a platform and nothing is happening here.

Am I missing something? Are there plans in the works?

Some of my concerns/ our members concerns expressed in the last few years...

-Cumbersome file cabinet and photo sharing 

-Finicky text editor 

-Desire for like button or something similar - easy way for people to indicate  interest in content posted

-Better format for the weekly digest. Eg: Instead of showing every single action, a way to narrow actions. If I create a blog post with a photo and attachments that comes up as four different activities instead of one compelling listing "Sasha Tracy Added a Blog Post"

-More templates for eblasts... something that mirrors an e-newsletter and is more visually appealing 

-New modules and more flexibility in the homepage design


I appreciate any admin or member feedback here. I don't know how much longer I can convince my membership to stay that course with a platform that isn't evolving with the times.



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  • Fri, Nov 10, 2017 12:08 PM

Dear Valued Client,


Thank you for your messages and your business.  I am part of a new management team at Groupsite and that is leading the plan for upgrades to the platform.  We are currently working on upgrades to the platform that will enhance the user experience including a new website and mobile applications.  In the first quarter of 2018, the new upgrades will begin to rollout.  

I really appreciate your comments and welcome your suggestions regarding upgrades to the platform moving forward.  Additionally, so that you know that Groupsite is serious regarding upgrading the platform, I will begin posting updates regarding the status of the upgrades next month.  

Also please feel free to reachout to me directly, james@groupsite.com 415-420-8017.  I am new to Groupsite and I have been reaching out to customers like yourself to see how we can do better.  

Again thank you for your business, insight, and patience.


James Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Groupsite

Are you still on track to roll out upgrades this quarter? I haven't seen any posts regarding any upcoming updates. 



Any updates on the thread ? The last major update to the site is sometime in 2008/2009. The Technology landscape has changed quite a bit since then. Looking forward to hear from the core team.

Valued customers,

Thank you for your inquiry.  Groupsite will be providing an outline of upgrades and new features with a time line of next week. 

Please see update in Champions Blog 8/24/2018.

Seriously! I was thrilled to see an email that there were finally some answers to the year long series of inquiries about updates to the platform. Respectfully the blog post offers absolutely no information about any upgrades or corresponding timelines. It sounds like mediocre attempt at kicking the can down the road.

This is really disappointing.

Is there a date on when we can expect the next announcement ? To be honest, personally I am looking for a major overhaul of the platform. The current site is almost a decade old,  way outdated and it's far behind what's been available outside. Just wondering if there is any seriousness in rolling out a new version.

Sanjay, the following was posted on August 27, 2018 in the Champion's Blog:

Customer Update 08.27.2018

Dear Valued Groupsite Customer,

As a follow-up to the 8/24/2018 update, Groupsite is excited to announce the launch of our new website www.groupsite.com. The new website includes a Demo page with three new extensive instructional videos focused on providing knowledge and training concerning many features of the Groupsite platform.

The new website also includes an Industries Page that covers common use cases for: nonprofit organizations; the public sector; corporations; professional associations; healthcare organizations; and educational institutions.

We will continue to add new content and features to the website. Moreover, we are planning a rollout strategy for new features and upgrades to the platform and will share the rollout plan in September.

Thank you for your business. We look forward in continuing to serve you.

The Groupsite Team


Thank you, Regina. Looking forward to a roadmap of the next version. Just wanted to emphasize that the core platform needs an upgrade, which members use on a daily basis rather than cosmetic changes to the website or addition of some small features. Compared to how technology has evolved and advancements made by other competitors like LinkedIn, Ning etc., Groupsite did not show much improvement especially in the last 5 years.

Any updates on the new rollout?

Hello - Any updates on the new rollout ? It appears that there is no interest from the Management. If there are plans of platform retiring, please give us headsup so that we can look for alternatives.

Hi Sanjay -

We are not sunsetting the Groupsite platform at all. As you know, Groupsite has a very large feature-set and an elaborate codebase. Over the years we've made many upgrades and improvements that aren't always visible in our UI. Most importantly, we've run a reliable platform since 2006 (when we launched) that continues to be mission critical to many organizations and groups 

We are in the process of refreshing the front-end look-and-feel of the Groupsite platform. It's a big job and one that we need to do right so we're not rushing it. We appreciate your loyalty and you will see a refresh in the coming months. I don't have a specific date but I assure you -- the redesign is well underway.


Clarence Wooten

Founder, Groupsite.com



Edited Tue, Jun 18, 2019 2:30 AM

Hello Clarence,

My 2 cents. The re-design discussions are going on since 2013 and there is no progress. The member engagement went down dramatically and I am seeing my Groupsite members not visiting the site anymore. The web landscape has changed dramatically since the platform launch and Groupsite is falling way behind the rest. Please checkout this link when the original promise has been made regarding Groupsite 3.0.


Hi Sanjay,

You are absolutely right, and I agree 100%. We dropped the ball on a redesign in the past but I promise that we are in the process of making up for it now. In 45-60 days I will share the redesign with everyone in this discussion thread. I am very excited about it and I know that you will be as well. I look forward to sharing the design and getting your feedback in time to make modifications before it has been fully integrated and launched. 

Thanks again for being a loyal Groupsite customer / manager.




I decided not to renew my premium features anymore and downgrade the site. Might rethink once the redesign has been presented. Meanwhile, could you please remove my image from Groupsite home page ? It is not relevant anymore.


Hi Everyone --

As promised, I am posting a link (below) to some preliminary designs for the upcoming redesigned Groupsite Platform. Keep in mind that the pages within the links are just meant to give you a feel for what the updated Groupsite platform will look like. Many of the final details and pages will change prior to launch towards the end of this year.

Note: You will still be able to customize your Groupsite's color scheme, home page modules (now called dashboard), sidebar modules. etc. You will also have multiple options for how your logo can be incorporated into the top left area of the page.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them here. 

For those of you who have been with us the longest, we appreciate your patience and value your continued commitment to the platform. 

View sample Groupsite pages here.

Thank you,

The Groupsite Team

Hello Clarence,

Excellent. The design looks much better than what's out there today. Here is my feedback at a first glance:

> These seems to be just basic designs which is not complete. For ex. the links that lead to few sections of the pages were not working. Seriously, I expected a working prototype where I can play around.

> The design is not responsive which is the basic requirement these days.

> Do you have a Mobile version of the designs that we can look at ?

> It appears that the Design is just a revamp of what's out there today. Any ideas of what the Editor will look like ? Individual Discussion page ? 

Stay tuned ... I will post my findings as I find more.

Edited Tue, Sep 3, 2019 9:59 PM

As I mentioned, these pages are very preliminary and are not complete. I just shared them to give you guys a general idea of what the upcoming redesign will look like and how it will function. 

There are many pages, links and modules that are not posted and are still in the process of being refined.

@Sanjay - Regarding your comments... 

- This is not a working prototype. It is just static pages. Keep in mind, that I we are just showing the front-end and no back-end code has been connected so nothing will function. 

- The design will be fully responsive and will work great on all mobile devices.  

- We will be post a few more pages over the coming weeks including the revamped calendar, file cabinet, discussion pages, etc. 

I am fully aware of what is missing from the pages that are included in the link that I shared. I just wanted to give everyone a glimpse to get excited about. Lots more to be done but we are making steady progress. 


Happy Holidays Champions!

I'd like to share an update on the upcoming Groupsite 3.0 redesign. When you are able, take a look at the video links below:


Groupsite 3.0 Design Preview — Watch Video


GS 3.0 Drag & Drop Modules & Responsiveness — Watch Video

We are still months away from full integration and change over to this new interface for all Groupsites, but your feedback is always welcome. 




Hi Clarence,

This is sweet. Wonderful updates. Few questions to understand the final product:

> Is there a launch date for the new version ?

> Pricing ? $99/month with limitations would be a big shift for the existing members. Is there a discount/plan for the current members in line with the existing subscriptions.

> Will there be a While labelled App or do we need to browse based from the mobile browser ?


Is there an alpha yet that I could participate in the testing and feel it in action ?



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