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Customising (Customizing) Subgroup Home Page

I'm very frustrated that I can't add modules to the Subgroups Home page. I know I can use the HTML option in the Content area to add a widget, but this is not what I need. I need to be able to add the Groupsite Newsfeeds module to the Subgroup Home page.

Without this flexibility - one of the great attractions of other parts of the Groupsite framework - I'm not sure I can achieve my objectives with the site I'm developing.

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Hi Roy,

I'm sorry that you are so frustrated with not being able to add content modules to a Subgroup's Home Page.  We have had numerous internal discussions over the past 2 years surrounding the merits of adding this functionality.  In the past, we opted NOT to move forward with content module functionality in Subgroups. But things change and so have we.  According to our CEO, "You can expect to see content module functionality in Subgroups with the release of Groupsite 3.0".  The only time frame that we have for releasing Groupsite 3.0 is sometime in 2014. 

I know the Platform's future implementation plans do not assist you with what you are attempting to accomplish today.  I'm sorry that we could not be more helpful at this time.


Celeste Sharper Wooten

Director, Client Services/Technical Support



Wow !!! Groupsite 3.0. Exciting to hear. I will look forward to the release date.

Hi Sanjay,

It is exciting!  The Groupsite Platform needs a facelift, new features, and some updating of current features.  There will be more to come on this in the near future! 

We're currently working on a beta release of a new product (separate from a Groupsite) called "Roundtable". When we get the Roundtable product to beta, we will shift our full attention to Groupsite 3.0.




Thanks for the info. I look forward to 3.0!

My view on Subgroups is that, architecturally, they should be clones of the Groupsite with only non-essential functionality stripped out. In this way, Subgroups themselves could create their own Subgroups and so on.

I hope my input is useful - I have been round the development block a few times, as you can see from my background!


Hi Roy,

We love hearing from our users, and we appreciate all of your feedback!


Is there a more specific launch date estimation for 3.0 yet?



Hi Laura,

We're sorry, that information is not yet available. We can tell you that our design teams are hard at work planning the cosmetic changes that the Platform will undergo.

Celeste Sharper Wooten

Curious what the status of Groupsite 3.0 is ? The platform has become very old and with the advancement in the frameworks lately, I am really excited to see the new platform.

Any updates on the next version ? Groupsite 3.0 ?

Hi Sanjay,

Thank you for checking back in with us.  We are constantly making small upgrades to the platform, however, substantial upgrades will be part of a new release that we plan to complete by the first quarter of 2018.    

Best regards,



Thank you, Julie. That's good to hear. Will there be a sneak peak sometime in 2017 ? I would be keen to know how the platform will look like and if possible take part in beta testing. Looking forward to help the platform thrive in whatever way possible.

Hello Julie,

Appreciate if you could update the community regarding the progress of the new platform. The last major upgrade we saw is in 2008/2009. We expected the upgrade to be sometime in 2014 based on the previous responses. However, we are little disappointed about the progress. The new platform is long long overdue. If the information is confidential and would like to have a call instead, please advise. I will be willing to sign any disclosure agreement, if required.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi Sanjay,

Thank you very much for your interest.  We'll post updates as soon as we're a bit further along.   I'll also reach out to you via email once we're at the beta testing stage.  We really appreciate your offer to help test the new platform.

Best regards,



Any updates on the thread ? The last major update to the site is sometime in 2008/2009. The Technology landscape has changed quite a bit since then. Looking forward to hear from the core team.

Valued customers,

Thank you for your inquiry.  Groupsite will be providing an outline of upgrades and new features with a time line of next week.  

Please see update in Champions Blog 8/24/2018.


Any updates on the new rollout strategy, please ?

Hi Sanjay.  You should have received an email from James Williams earlier today.  Please reply if you did not.  Thank you.

Best regards,




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