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Social Media Functionality

I have been with Groupsite/Collectivex for years now and I am very impressed with the platform.

However, I do think there has been little improvement as of late.

One thing I would like to see is an integrated suite of social media tools.  FB login, Automatic Share to FB or Twitter, tracking links.

I would even like to see a more "social networking" platform be adopetd much like what Linkedin has done with updates, followers, link sharing, streaming updates.

Anything like that in the works? Anyone out there feel the same?


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Thanks for your input. Much of what you've requested is on our product roadmap and will be implemented. At present, Groupsites are used in 2 primary ways, as: Collaborative Workspaces (usually for small groups) and as Collaboration Communities (for large and very large social networking-oriented groups). Based on this, we are committed to building out a nice mix of real-time collaborative and social features. We also see mobile Groupsite connectivity as a high priority. Hence, we just released Groupsite Mobile Web.

To answer your specific question, we will be adding Facebook Connect w/ automatic share and fan page module extensions, as well as a host of features related to real-time functionality. At present, we're developing something else that I won't mention, but will be very useful for many association and corporate Groupsite customers. Once it's launched, we see much of the social stuff that I just mentioned as a next step.

Stay tuned for the rest of the year. I think you'll be pleased with the direction our development efforts take us.


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  • Fri, Aug 13, 2010 9:27 PM

Looking forward to the enhancements. Thank you.

Ken & Cynth'ya Reed

There are still no social media sharing options from Discussion pages or posts? reply to a discussion, then tweet a link to promote the discussion - that's what I am looking for on our two groupsites. 

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your feedback!  Since August 2010, when the above discussion began, Groupsite.com has made many improvements to its Platform,  although not so much in the Social Media Sharing area:( 

Since the original discussion began we have made the following improvements to our Platform:

  • We moved our entire Platform to a more Robust, Reliable and Secure Platform (Engine Yard).  We changed where and how we host our servers and data.  In addition, we moved our file hosting to Amazon.
  • We added or improved the following functionality:
  • Groupsite Enterprise Platform Dashboard to better manage information for Enterprise Accounts
  • The ability to Reply to Discussion Posts from your Email inbox
  • Notification Menu in the Groupsite for Platform mail
  • The ability to View Private Messages on site in the Groupsite
  • Improved Subscription Controls
  • Improved Calendar Export
  • Added our Mobile Feature to the Social Community Plan
  • Added Groupsite App Customization (Disable/enable Apps)
  • Enhanced "Profile Completeness Meter" Controls

We are currently working on our new Chat feature.  Chat is in the beta testing phase with several groups on our Platform who graciously agreed to participate in our Chat Pilot. 

Do we plan to revisit our tickets that are focused on more social media integration and sharing?  Absolutely, but I cannot provide you with a time frame or schedule.  Experience has taught us that it is better to only discuss time frame and provide a schedule for tickets that are currently under development because our priorities can change.

I am sorry that I cannot be more helpful at this time. 


Celeste Sharper Wooten

Director, Client Services/Support



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