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Shopping Cart / Ecomm Platform

We operate a subscription based groupsite and it would be great to have a plugin or module, that would allow members (upon invitation) to register for for membership and pay for it right within the Groupsite.  We're currently running 3 different databases to keep track of who's on a "30 Day Free Trial"  who's "Founding Member" and who's "Coming Up For Renewal"  We'd love to have an inbuilt solution that could integrate with Pay Pal Pro or some other processor.


Anyone else?

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Hi, Howard. Thanks for your suggestion and it's impressive what you're accomplishing with your Groupsite today. We agree that an integrated ecommerce function would be valuable and do intend to offer this in the future. We've seen similar requests in this Paid Membership / Ecomm thread:



Thanks Diana.  Keep us posted

Absolutely -- I would agree and would love the shop cart/ ecommerce app. 

 I would also love to see a payment feature, for member dues, special events, etc.  I am tentatively experimenting with replacing our member database with Groupsite and taking online payments would be a huge help.

I would also support this feature. 

Any more recent update on timing for this kind of feature?


Hi Rikk,

I will have to check our line up beyond the first quarter 2011.  I do not currently see these features in the upcoming workload. We know they would be great additions.


Celeste Sharper Wooten


Director, Client Services/Support

It is now 2017. I assume Groupsite is not going to implement a payment feature that allows us to charge members a membership fee. Is that correct?

The following reply was sent to Maverick on August 4, 2017:



Thank you for your inquiry.

Groupsite.com does not provide this service. However, Groupsite Managers may charge membership fees for their members via a 3rd party payment service. Groupsites do offer several features that allow easy content customization, including the addition of 3rd party payment services. For instance, you can add Paypal to your Groupsite by simply inserting the appropriate Paypal code into our all purpose "Freeform Text" module. However, PayPal is not accepted for Groupsite subscription payments.

The below links to FAQs will provide additional details.



Hope this information was helpful.

The Groupsite.com Support Team


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