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Translation in other languages?


Are you going to tranclate CollectiveX groupsites in other languages?

I am a manager of a group site which mambers speac Bulgarian. I would like to provide all the contetnt of the cite to be in Bulgarian language.

If you are working on that I can offer you my services and assistance in translating the cite.

Best Regards,


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Yes, I agree with Emil.  I need the file for translating the text strings into Spanish (or an online mechanism)

Edited Sat, Dec 6, 2008 2:55 AM

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A Spanish language interface would definitely allow us to bring on many more groups and have a deeper engagement with collective x as an organization. It might prove popular enough that we consider an enterprise solution and begin offering it to partner organizations.

I'd love to learn about any options available, custom or otherwise, that can result in a bilingual product.

Thanks, Rafael

I'm wondering why nobody from CX has responded to this post which was started November 28th, 2008.  

I've tried embedding Bablefish- a translator application, but it didn't work.

Is there some other way this can be done?


Hopefully we'll be able to tackle site translation in some way shape or form before too long. We understand the need for it... and have a desire to do so. 

If we were to provide a web interface for translating the site, would any of you volunteer to translate? If so, please express your desired language and willingness to translate CollectiveX here. 



Great news!

I am ready to cooperate and translate in Bulgarian language.

I'll be more then happy to translate into Dutch

I will volunteer DAY and NIGHT to get groupsites translated into French. I live in QUEBEC (Canada) and language is such a sticky issue that it has stopped me from being able to use groupsites with several of my french speaking committees.

I think groupsites really can offer a service that I have been unable to find offered by any FRENCH providers.  I am currently a french-english, english-french interpreter so I am mopre than willing to translate all of the notifications, keyword ets (maybe not the video unless its dubbed over... :P)

If programming is required I don't have the ability but I do have a volunteer lined up ;)

I could help out in spanish as well if you want to be working on several languages as once. (I won't be using the spanish perosnnaly- not for the moment)

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  • Sun, Nov 22, 2009 9:19 AM

I also want to translate in Dutch, if you need my help!

I want to go on record as saying that Groupsite.com simply has the most awesome customers and Champions, and thanks to everyone who has responded in this forum. It's also very exciting to see that you've found Groupsites to be as useful and fun as we do.

While it won't be happening this year, we do plan to offer multiple languages in the future. We'll keep you in mind when we do!

Developing, deploying and supporting a version of Groupsites in multiple languages is a significant and resource-intensive undertaking. We look forward to when we do take this on and support it. Moreover, we'll remember your kind offers to help get us there - which we appreciate and don't take lightly.

In the meantime, please know that we're heads-down making continual system improvements. These will help everyone, including new users when we offer Groupsites in other languages.

Thanks, again, everyone.


As I already mentioned in a message sent to support@groupsite.com:

Once Groupsite will undertake to offer multiple languages, I invite it to consider making it a "per user" setting rather than a "per groupsite" setting, since in any given groupsite with an international scope (or even within one state or country where more than one language is widespread*), there would be members of a given groupsite that would want the interface, tabs and generic messages to be in one language and other members that could want those elements to be in another language.

Per-user setting for languge would give you an edge over other platforms such as ning, socialgo, etc. where those settings are not on a per user basis.

* FYI, like Ingrid Le Fort, I live in the province of Quebec in Canada, and after setting up a few groupsites for various purposes, I can concurr that there is tremendous resistance in adopting a software service that is not available in French, the predominant language in the population, which is subject to legal protection pursuant to the Charter of the French Language due to the fact that the provice is surrounded by English-speaking communities. (The purpose of this language law was to re-affirm the desire of the great majority of Quebecers to make French the common language of work,  instruction,  communications,  commerce and business.)

I understand that Groupsite has to focus on numerous priorities before getting to multi-language support, but I feel that multi-language availability would greatly contribute to its growth potential.

(I too would gladly help to provide assistance for French translation.)

I look forward to Groupsite's upcoming enhancements.

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  • Tue, Nov 1, 2011 12:47 PM

Well, two years later, the topic of this forum is still a feature request. My interpretation of the situation is that it is really not as important to Groupsite to translate their system. That is a misfortune for those that chose Groupsite hoping there would be a translation soon.

Edited Tue, Nov 1, 2011 1:41 PM

Hi Rafael,

We're sorry to disappoint you and the other groups who have been waiting for this functionality.  With resources being very tight, translation into other languages has not been a priority.  We do have some groups who have taken matters into their own hands and have done a very nice job of translating their own site.

Much of the content on the site can be customized with non-English language and foreign/world characters; however, none of the Navigation tabs or system instructions can be customized. Technical Support is also only available in English at this time (although we will use Google Translator if a Groupsite manager or member is having trouble communicating with us) .

Here is an example of a limited visibility Groupsite with its content in a language other than English.


The above example is a limited visibility Groupsite, so you can only see its Summary page without first becoming a member.

I am sorry that we could not be more helpful!


Celeste Sharper Wooten

Client Services/Support


Thanks for the above response Celeste. I actually just had the question from a potential client who requires the site be in Dutch. I was hoping that I could just use Google Translate as I had done for a freelance project not on Groupsite here: http://www.rogersfuneralhome.net/site/ (see the menu upper right corner).

I tried this with a grouspite and it "almost" made it, but threw some javascript and cookie errors, see: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=da&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=www.myiecareer.com . It did translate the error page though :-)

Hi Bill,

Is the site that you are attempting to translate HTTP or HTTPS?  I searched the internet on your behalf for this information...

Google guy Josh says the following: “Currently our webpage translation service will not translate secure https pages. This is because such pages often have secure content, that you wouldn’t want to send over the wire plain text to Google Translate.” That is, they know about this problem but they don’t have a good solution.

Manual workaround #1:
Remove the port “:443″ from the Google Translate textfield and press the button Translate.

Manual workaround #2:
In the address bar, locate the string https and change it to http. Then press Enter to reload the page. The port “443″ will also disappear.

If you do not think this is your issue, please write to me at support@groupsite.com so that we can take a closer look.



Thanks for doing that research Celeste. I gave those a try, no luck though. I tried it on a https and an http site. I'll email you :-)

I am Canadian and need to have a site that can function in either English or French.  I'm very disappointed that it does not seem available yet and would like to add my voice to the need for multi-language capability.

Alies, Groupsite.com appreciates your input.   We are still considering the multi-language functionality and will update in this discussion thread when it does become available. Thanks.

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