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Calendar reminders & RSVPs

I would love to see an option to send out an email reminder to those who have RSVPd yes to a calendar event.

Also, would it be possible to add guests to a yes response? We have members who represent families, and if they could say how many adults and children were coming, it would be a big help.

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It would also be so helpful to be able to email all those who have RSVPd YES as a separate group so as to give last-minute details/reminders.

In the summary section, after the event, could the rsvp's go away automatically?



bump... didn't ever see any response to this.

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  • Fri, Mar 27, 2009 9:27 AM

Lot's of great questions and suggestions around how we handle RSVP's and calendar events. We have not resolved any of these issues yet. We do plan on taking a hard scrub on this feature set, however, it is standing in line behind a lot of equally valid requests.

Please know that your requests are not just being read, but are being tracked internally and is the source of how we decide what finally makes it to the production system so please keep the feedback coming.


Any status update on the calendar features requested here?

Bump again.  We have groupsite users asking for a variety of RSVP features:

- email reminder option for those who have RSVP'd.  Customizable to be sent X days before the event occurs.

- additional info gathering during RSVP, such as # of adults attending, # of children attending, etc.

- ability to email/blast just the YES RSVP folks to provide last minute instructions about a calendar event

- ability for the poster of a calendar event to get emails when folks RSVP to the event as an alternative to having to log in and check each event.  When our members have multiple events on the calendar, this is time consuming to manage.

I know we could likely achieve some of this by linking to an external RSVP site, but we'd prefer to keep it inside the groupsite, where possible.

Any status update on RSVP changes would be appreciated.



The ability to be able to close RSVP's for an event when it is full would also be fantastic


Great idea, Gareth! I vote for that, too!

Can i bump these requests again - we have strong need for RSVP features - especially the ability to be able to email members who RSVP to an event (to confirm).

Hi Gareth,

The Support and Client Services Teams discussed RSVP features today with the Development Team.  Based on the estimated time to complete (we have several items to be added to make this function like a typical RSVP on a calendar) and other current priorities, this feature enhancement was not bumped up on the priority list.

We apologize for the inconvenience to you and your group Frown



bugger! - oh well, thats the name of the game I guess. 


We will keep you in the loop should this priority get bumped.



Just putting in my vote, too, for this to be given priority. :)

Would like to add some additional enhancements/features to the RSVP feature.  In addition to the ones that Chris has been trying to get implemented the past few years-

1.  ability to send RSVP for event WITHOUT having to copy/paste/reformat information about the event into the RSVP box.

2.  ability for attendees to add event to their Outlook/Calendars from the RSVP or invitation themselves WITHOUT having to go to the event home page where the download to ical or outlook options are.


Hi Rebekka,

Thank you for your feedback.  We have added your comments to one of the tickets created to address redoing/enhancing the Groupsite Calendar and the RSVP functionality.  The ticket # is 13813293.




Been searching for this fruitlessly... hoping someone can provide some help:  Any way to specify who gets an RSVP in a calendar event?  We have members in several groups who are interested in seeing Groupsite info, however we do not want to spam them with constant invites.


Hi Julie,

When you decide to send and RSVP Invite for a calendar event (which is different than allowing RSVPs on the Groupsite), you cannot specify who gets a copy of the RSVP Invite. If you are a Groupsite manager, or if the Groupsite Manager allows all users to send email blasts, you will have the option to send an RSVP Invite to all members of the main Groupsite or all members of a Subgroup. Doing this will send an email to the members' inbox with a description of the event and a link to RSVP.

Here is a link to an FAQ with additional information:


If you need additional assistance, please write to support@groupsite.com .


Celeste Sharper Wooten

Groupsite.com Support



I'm new to Groupsite and would like to know if calendar reminders have been included yet? I don't want to have to send out reminders to my members for them to remember our upcoming events.


Hi Kortnee, 

Thank you for your message.  Calendar reminders haven't been included yet.  As a suggestion, you might want to consider adding a "free form text" module on your home page to remind members about upcoming events.  There is also the option for members to export the calendar into Outlook or iCalendar (links are at the bottom of the calendar).  

We are currently working on upgrades to the platform that will enhance the user experience including a new website and mobile applications.  In the first quarter of 2018, the new upgrades will begin to rollout.

Best regards,

Julieanne Blenkhorn

Director of Customer Success

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