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  • Groupsite Chat FAQs

    Posted by Diana / on 09/30/2012 / 1 Comment

    Categories: Announcements

    What is Groupsite Chat? 

    Groupsite Chat is a new application in select Groupsite plans. This is new functionality that enables real-time communication and sharing through integrated chat rooms. Members can log-in to a Groupsite to discuss different topics using instant messaging (also known as "Chat"). Each room is its own separate communication channel, and rooms are available at both the main Groupsite and subgroup levels.

    Groupsite Chat also makes Chat archives available to view, search, or export and provides administrative controls for your Chat rooms.


    Are these new features available to my group? Chat will be ..

  • "Profile Completeness Meter" Feature Enhancement

    Posted by Diana / on 02/16/2012 / 2 Comments

    Categories: Managers' Tip, How To, Announcements

    The Profile Completeness Meter can now be disabled by Groupsite Managers. This functionality will be available to all Groupsite Managers on our platform.  This functionality can be accessed from the MANAGER > Group Settings > Profile Settings area of all Groupsites.  Be sure to click "Save" if you disable/re-enable this setting.

    As a Groupsite manager, if you remove the Profile Completeness Meter, you will be removing the meter for your entire Groupsite. The Profile Completeness Meter is either "on" or "off" for all members in a Groupsite. The Profile Completeness Meter can be re-enabled at any time.


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  • Groupsite Application Customization is now available

    Posted by Diana / on 02/16/2012 / 4 Comments

    Categories: Managers' Tip, Feature Spotlight, Announcements, Enterprise Platform

    On February 16, 2012, powerful new functionality, Groupsite Application (App) Customization, will be available in our Collaboration Community and Enterprise plans. This new functionality allows managers of these plans to disable specific areas of their Groupsite that aren't relevant to their group's specific needs. Managers can also add custom pages to the main Communicate, Share and Network areas of these Groupsites.

    So what can you customize? For Collaboration Community and Enterprise plan Groupsites, managers will be able to disable existing sub-tabs in the navigation menu - and add new ones:

    • Under the Communicate menu, Groupsite managers will have the ability ..
  • Discussion Post/Reply by Email

    Posted by Celeste / on 12/14/2011 / 1 Comment

    Categories: Feature Spotlight, Announcements

    Discussion Posts/Reply by Email -  Simply create or reply to discussions right from email.  This functionality is available to Groupsites who have subscribed to the Small Team Plan and above.  

    • Create New Topics - Post new topics via email. Each forum has its own email address, visible from the forum.
    • Reply to Posts  -  Hit "reply" in your email client to post a reply to a discussion.
    • Private Messages - Reply to private messages via email.

    Each forum has its own email address. By default, these email addresses are "". For a more memorable email address, Groupsite managers ..

  • Groupsite Enterprise Platform Community-Building Software

    Posted by Diana / on 11/12/2011 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Announcements, Enterprise Platform

    Groupsites are a web-based social collaboration tool that allow members to communicate, share and network to make things happen. They help turn people with common goals and objectives into communities, and give them a place to share resources. They're multi-purpose, flexible and feature-rich. They're available for personal use by individuals, as well as enterprise use by entire organizations - or anywhere in between.

    For organizations engaging 3,000+ members, we offer Groupsite's Enterprise Platform. It's an affordable, fully functional hosted tool for organizations that want to create communities, connect teams and gain insights - online, quickly and easily. The platform is ..

  • FAQS - Changes to Free Groupsites, Add-On Services and Premium Plans

    Posted by Diana / on 06/18/2011 / 8 Comments

    Categories: Announcements is making changes to the standard features in free Groupsites. These changes will occur on or about June 27, 2011. The upcoming, new version of our free Groupsites will still let your group communicate, share and network as they always have! They'll also include some new limitations, such as the number of managers, visibility, or number of members allowed. All free Groupsites will be impacted by these changes. See our blog announcement here.

    No one will lose current, in-use service, but you may not be able to continue to grow in your free Groupsite without upgrading your plan. is ..

  • Changes to Free Groupsites, Add-On Services and Premium Plans

    Posted by Diana / on 06/18/2011 / 6 Comments

    Categories: Misc., Announcements

    We want to share some news about changes to our service. These affect our free and add-on services, and premium plans. The reasons for the changes are to keep us in line with market trends so we can best grow, lead and remain competitive.

    Our largest segment of paying customers want private, ad-free Groupsites. And while there is still a market for public and social communities, we see less demand for these Groupsites and the services for which these customers will pay. So as much as we love "free," this combined information tells us the market has changed...and so our ..

  • Update on Our Move to Engine Yard - March 22nd 7am EDT

    Posted by Diana / on 03/19/2011 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Announcements

    We finished our server migration (at 3:45 PM EDT on March 19th) and have appreciated your patience! We are also continuing to test Groupsite functionality.

    Several issues we discovered and are working on:

    1. "Garbled" Files

    Update as of 7am EDT, March 22nd: The "Garbled" file issue has been resolved, however, files that were uploaded yesterday evening will be temporarily unavailable. You will be able to access the files uploaded yesterday evening sometime today.


    Original problem after the move to Engine Yard:

    Some files may appear as garbled text when viewed. This occurs in files that have spaces in ..

  •'s March 19, 2011, Move To Engine Yard

    Posted by Celeste / on 03/15/2011 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Feature Spotlight, Announcements is ready for our much anticipated move to Engine Yard. This move is scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2011, at approximately 9am EDT. As a result of this move, we expect downtime could range from 0-4hrs.
    On March 19, 2011, from approximately 9am EDT - 1pm EDT, hourly status on this move can be seen by visiting our Offsite Status page:
    What can you expect?
    The functionality and user experience/interface is not changing. The major change is where and how we host our servers and data. This is all background system upgrades that have very little impact ..
  • Groupsite's System Status Page

    Posted by Celeste / on 02/25/2011 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Announcements is now using OffsiteStatus to easily let our users know that we're aware of a particular issue, working on it and hope to have it fixed within a specified amount of time.  Having our system status page hosted off-site ensures that our users will be able to view it in case our host is down. 

    To access this page go to You will see's current and recent System Statuses.  Be sure to subscribe to receiving Email notifications of updates.



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