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Saying goodbye to Groupsites

Since 2006 I have used Groupsites (CollectiveX back in the day) to run my local community of mental health professionals. In that time we grew from around 20 members (on an email list) to 960!

I'd like to thank the Groupsites team for providing a highly reliable, stable and useful platform. I have received lots of good feedback from members using the site over that time.

Unfortunately, the new pricing structure put an end to my time at Groupsites - to maintain a community here with the growth rate we have experienced was likely to set me back over $300 month which for a non-profit community, is untenable.

We've now moved our community to our own site, with lots of membership headroom at a 1/10 of the monthly rate. We'll be closing down the Groupsite at the end of September.

Again, I'd like to thank the Groupsite team for an excellent experience over these last 6 years.



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